Poem: 'My Wilderness'

My wilderness is painful, but lovely.

Some parts of my wilderness are covered with thorns and hurt my feet,

but I love it, and that's why I call it 'lovely pain'.


My wilderness is so hot that my tears disappear before falling on the ground,

but it is cool under Your shadows.


My wilderness is like an endless road,

but short compared to eternity.


My wilderness is dry,

but an oasis with the Holy Spirit's rain.


My wilderness seems to be a lonely trip,

but I am not alone- My beloved is with me.

Not only Him, but my faithful brothers and sisters,

I carry them all in my heart.


My wilderness is dangerous,

but safe, because I dwell between His Shoulders.*


So I love my wilderness,

because it takes me to the deeper part of You, Lord,

and no-one can separate me from Your arms forever.


by Farshid Fathi

*Deuteronomy 33:12