Attackers forgiven: Farshid's message

On Thursday April 17 2014, prison guards attacked and beat over 30 prisoners, including Farshid Fathi, in ward 350 of Evin prison, Tehran. The reason for the attack is still not clear, but certainly it was violent and illegal.

Farshid went to help one of the injured inmates, but he was stopped by one of the guards who stamped on Farshid’s bare foot with his heavy boot. Farshid sustained a broken foot and toe.Though he was in great agony, the guards did not allow him any medical treatment until Sunday morning (Easter Sunday morning) when he was taken to hospital in chains, where he was treated and his foot placed in a cast.

On Easter Sunday, Farshid sent this message to praying friends:

“Today I celebrate our Lord's resurrection in a mixed feeling of joy and pain in a different way and in a different place. My left foot is in a cast after they broke it last Thursday in violations they applied against helpless prisoners under the excuse of inspections. After three days of pain, finally they took me chained and shackled to a hospital on Easter morning. Though I was in a dire pain, I took it as a gift from our Lord to get out of prison even for few hours.

Of course, we forgive them for all they have done to us because we are the followers of the One who says ‘Father, please forgive them because they don't know what they are doing’. So my dear friends, please in these days pray for me that I may know him and be found in him and the power of resurrection.

Happy Easter.”

Please pray that the injured prisoners would be given treatment and would heal quickly, that this incident would prompt a loud international outcry, and that such brutalities against prisoners would cease.